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Exclusive Photographic Hides at Mashatu Game Reserve  

Matebole Hide Valley Hide Bee-Eater Hide
Matebole Photo Hide Valley Photography Hide Bea-Eater Bird Photo Hide


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In a first for southern Africa, C4 Photo Safaris has an exclusive photographic concession on Mashatu Game reserve in Botswana. We have an array of specifically built photo hides that range from a seasonal bee-eater hide to underground elephant hides or reflection hides for birds.

Our first hide, the Matebole underground was built in 2011 and was an immediate success. Wildlife photographers travel from around the world to experience the unique perspectives from it. Greg du Toit took the overall winning image of the BBC Veolia wildlife photographer of the year 2013 from the hide. Photography luminaries Art Wolfe and Frans Lanting are amongst many other celebrated wildlife photographers to have photographed from it. The reason for the hide's success is each one has been conceptualised and built by C4's experienced and award winning wildlife photographers that do not compromise on your photography needs. This translates into one of the most special photo experiences a wildlife photographer can have.

C4 Photo Safaris invites you to join us in our photo hides on our photo workshops. There is simply nothing else like it in Africa.

Mashatu Green Season 2023
09 February 2023 - 13 February 2023

Mashatu Game Reserve, Botswana is a vast wilderness area and home to ancient migratory elephant routes.  For cent...

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Mashatu Green Season 2023

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